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This next one’s for kids


Stoopin’ aint easy as a young pup.


- Katbus

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Hay my latest strip Stoopin’ will be prints for sale at RIPE!! If they’re still available after I’ll put them up on my store.

Okay have fun~!

stoopin’ aint easy

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Rarely do I feel good about my work but I love drawing George; he is my babby.

🎨 prainting.

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I’m pleased to announce the release of the first Bred Box!

Bred Box #1 is a printed suite of work by comics artists invited and published by Bred PressBred Box comes in an edition of 150, each packaged in a screenprinted envelope (cover illustration above) and numbered individually!

The inaugural release of Bred Box will have Abe Lampert, AlabasterAndy Burkholder, Ben Marcus, Danielle Chenette, Inés Estrada, Michael Olivo, Natali Koromoto, and Nicole Ginelli with all new offset lithograph prints.

The official release party will be Saturday, July 19th at Spudnik Press Cooperative in Chicago (1821 W Hubbard Street Suite 302). If you can’t make it out, you can purchase Bred Box #1 at the Bred Press online store after the opening, or individual prints through each of the artists listed above. All proceeds from individual sales benefit the artists fully. All sales of the Bred Box directly help Bred Press publish more work!

Thanks so much. I love you.

Brad Rohloff // Bred Press



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Oath Before Battle by katbus-express

d0gbl0g is my PR manager

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