sum Updates

stuff im gonna start up again whether you like it or not:

- more shitty 3D art

- comics w/ humans 

also doing a really great animation about a cat (i know) with my best friend called Kat Kallz that I’m gonna show more updates about over time

And I Got Embarrased

sum panel sketches of Young Pups 2 I had at my reading last saturday.

(via risingtensions)


plurkerr asked: The Finnish reblog says the following: "The thing I am most afraid of is that somewhere on the internet there is someone who is extremely turned on by this. I am afraid that if I sink too deep into this unearthly darkness, that someone will some day be me. I didn't choose shit-art life. Shit-art life chose me. And I will sink with this ship"

i haven’t felt this proud in ages.



forgive me followers i’m being reborn




Eniten ehkä pelkään että jossain päin internetiä on joku joka kiihottuu tästä suunnattomasti.
Ja pelkään, että jos vajoan tarpeeksi syvälle tähän epämaalliseen pimeyteen, se joku olen jonain päivänä minä.

En valinnut paska taide -elämää, paska taide -elämä valitsi minut.
Ja uppoan tämän laivan kanssa.

Omg I want to know what this says so bad someone tell me plz


Brooklyn Witch Tweets PREVIEW

Hey there! I’ll be at Small Press Expo next weekend tabling with Laura Knetzger. Come visit us at table D4A and pick up my new mini comic Brooklyn Witch Tweets!

♫ See ya’ll soon 


Silent Barn Zine Wall !!! Is up for a month check it out! Young Pups is on there!


Wow Paper Jam is tomorrow and I am doing a reading at it!!!!

This is like my SPX cause I can’t go to SPX so you better come!!

((You don’t have to see me read tho cause I’m nervous u_u))