from front to back:

ROFL by Nick Sumida

Babytown #3 by Mimi Chrzanowski

As The World Burns by Derrick Jensen & Stephanie McMillan

Flyer for RIPE Expo Summer 2014~~~~! (if you tweet theyre @ripexpo and if you dont email

5 beautiful stickers by Mimi Chrzanowski in a plastic partying dino bag!

#3 by Emely Bakroso 

Emmy by Josephine M.K. Edwards

Fashionz of the Living Sprouts by HTML Flowers

"Life Zone" by Simon Hanselmann

Deadbeat Babies and Cact-Ass! by Heaven’s Favorite Man (Matt Crabe)

Coracle #3 by David C. Mahler

Next Level by Katrina Silander-Clark

Flying Fox: an anthology of Australian comics with works by Marc Pearson, Katie Parrish, Leonie Brialey, Ben Sea, Ruskidd, Evie Cahir, Jr. Blue, Michael Hawkins, Merv Heers, David C. Mahler and Sam Wallman

and a Comics Workbook t-shirt !!


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